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OCR: using tesseract without being overcomplicated?

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Hi All

I am trying to implement OCR function inside my script. The task will be just a simple one; to get an area on one application; recognise it as numbers; save it as a value and do an IF function (if greater than 30 do something, otherwise do else). I know someone might post a respond saying “go check on the example script section….” Which I did only to find samples with loads of commands and function, i.e: compatibility with office 2003, saving into TIFF and all that.

I learnt the basic principle to have the tesseract installed in the same directory with my script, but my question is, does it really need to have those long scripts in order me to run my requirement explained above (the actual script, not the tesseract one), as in shortened the script by any chance? It is obvious that I have a very limited knowledge of programming that’s for sure, hence my question…

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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