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Sorry to Achilles for nicking his project but... I had a look through some old code and decided that it would be easy enough to do and there was a few things I wanted it to do for a new project. Anyway, here it is, with tonnes of improvements on my old code. His example was very helpful though, so thanks ;)

Current functions:

* _GUICtrlHotkey_Create

* _GUICtrlHotkey_Delete

* _GUICtrlHotkey_GetHotkey

* _GUICtrlHotkey_GetHotkeyCode

* _GUICtrlHotkey_GetHotkeyName

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetFont

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetHotkey

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetHotkeyCode

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetHotkeyName

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetRules

Get and Set HotkeyCode refer to the standard format that HKM_SETHOTKEY expects it in. "The LOBYTE of the LOWORD is the virtual key code of the hot key. The HIBYTE of the LOWORD is the key modifier that indicates the keys that define a hot key combination". Unless you really want to thats probably not the best option, so I made the other 2 "types". The "Name" is the string as it would appear in the control itself, and how the end user would expect it as well. For example "CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+2".

The normal functions Get and Set Hotkey use the send syntax that can then be used directly with functions such as HotkeySet. Logical eh? This makes it a lot easier YOU to use the control.

Its all in proper UDF form etc, and... It goes through Au3Check cleanly which must be a first for me :evil:

Download link: GUIHotkey.zip


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It goes through Au3Check cleanly

Nope ;)

AutoIt3 Syntax Checker v1.54.8  Copyright (c) Tylo 2007

GUIHotkey.au3(28,40) : WARNING: $iM_USER: possibly used before declaration.
Global Const $HKM_SETHOTKEY = $iM_USER +
GUIHotkey.au3(89,47) : WARNING: $iS_OVERLAPPED: possibly used before declaration.
    If $iStyle = -1 Then $iStyle = $iS_OVERLAPPED
GUIHotkey.au3(90,54) : WARNING: $iS_EX_CLIENTEDGE: possibly used before declaration.
    If $iStyleEx = -1 Then $iStyleEx = $iS_EX_CLIENTEDGE
GUIHotkey.au3(92,38) : WARNING: $iS_VISIBLE: possibly used before declaration.
    $iStyle = BitOR($iStyle, $iS_VISIBLE,
GUIHotkey.au3(92,49) : WARNING: $iS_CHILD: possibly used before declaration.
    $iStyle = BitOR($iStyle, $iS_VISIBLE, $iS_CHILD)
GUIHotkey.au3(28,40) : ERROR: $iM_USER: undeclared global variable.
Global Const $HKM_SETHOTKEY = $iM_USER +
GUIHotkey.au3 - 1 error(s), 5 warning(s)



Using OS: Win 7 Professional, Using AutoIt Ver(s): /

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Is that with the version I fixed? If you download it now are there still those errors?

Sorry, that was my bad. Just got back on my desktop for the first time in a month and obviously didn't have the latest beta. With that it works great. This is exactly what I had in mind to make, I just never got around to finishing it.. most of the stuff looks pretty similar to what I was thinking..

I'm pretty sure you can set different fonts for hotkeys ctrls.. Does your code allow you to do that?

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I haven't made a function for it, but I'm assuming that a generic GUIFont.au3 would work... MSDN has WM_SETFONT on the list of messages associated with the control. Its a question of creating an HFONT and then sending the message. Its a simple function:


Func _GUICtrlSetFont($hCtrl, $nHeight, $nWidth, $nEscape = 0, $nOrientn = 0, $fnWeight = $FW_NORMAL, $bItalic = False, $bUnderline = False, $bStrikeout = False, $nCharset = $DEFAULT_CHARSET, $nOutputPrec = $OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS, $nClipPrec = $CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, $nQuality = $DEFAULT_QUALITY, $nPitch = 0, $szFace = 'Arial')
    Local $hFont = _WinAPI_CreateFont($nHeight, $nWidth, $nEscape, $nOrientn, $fnWeight, $bItalic, $bUnderline, $bStrikeout, $nCharset, $nOutputPrec, $nClipPrec, $nQuality, $nPitch, $szFace)
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error, @extended, 0)

    _SendMessage($hCtrl, $WM_SETFONT, $hFont, True)
    Return 1
EndFunc   ;==>_GUICtrlSetFont

I will see if I can implement it neatly.

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Updated the UDF.

Added 2 new functions:

* _GUICtrlHotkey_Delete

* _GUICtrlHotkey_SetFont

The code in the post above will not work I discovered after testing. The handle needs to remain open while in use. As a result, I added the delete function in order to delete the font object as well as the control.

_GUICtrlHotkey_Delete does not have its own example yet... Look at the SetFont's example.


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  • 7 years later...

There is a problem with the screen readers I hope you solved the problem

If we use
And if  we create a button underneath or label
the hot key writing box
become not visible if you move using a screen  reader.
can solve this problem please.
Or if there is a solution
wer is it?
thank you

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