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Help in controlgettext


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Kaotik This is what i am trying. Thanks for helping. Very appreciating :D

The script you gave is right, But even "LowCardBot" retrieved from Static1, it is not sending text "!d"

Jos i am sorry again, i didnt do anything to show you any rude thing. :huggles:

Dim $var
While 1
$var = ControlGetText("[CLASS:Player]", "", "Static1")
If $var = "LowCardBot" Then
ControlSetText("Player", "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "!d" )
ControlSend("Player", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:3]", "{ENTER}1")
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Any help guys? Because when "LowCardBot" is retrieved from static1, the call to settext and controlsend should be done, mean text "!d" should be in Typing area which is in white colour, and controlsend should be worked. But it is not sending "!d" nor retrieving text.

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Bytheway i have tried changing If $var = "LowCardBot" Then to If $var <> "LowCardBot" Then in this script, it works but it works like with 50ms it is sending "!d" contineuosly only not waiting for the LowCardBot to be retrieved first and then it should send it.

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Every time $var does not equal ( <> ) LowCardBot then it will do those 2 things, which is why it was changed to =

the line for !d is controlsettext, maybe it is supposed to be controlsend



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Some help, do not bump a thread within 24h and maby someone will help you, if you bump it all the time youl probably will not get any.

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