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Application to detect activity

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Firstly, this is not a keylogger request, read carefully please.

Secondly, if it can't be done in any way except with a keylogger I'm not interested in doing it.

I work on various projects and have my own little ajax-driven web app on wich i can start/stop a timer when i start working and when i'm done, so i can count how much time i spent on doing something.

What i thought about integrating (it's similar to the odesk software) is an autoit script that gets

* the current window name [done]

* mouse position for detecting movement (don't care about the clicking part) [done]

* the number of keys pressed while the window was active (i don't care what keys are pressed)

* (haven't decided on this yet but maybe also) a screenshot of the active app [easily done]

Is there any way to check if a key is pressed (or, speaking in general, if someone is using the keyboard) in autoit?

I'm trying to do this using windows api's or dll's and without installing a keylogger and checking the log or stuff like that (i can do it that way but i don't want to).

Thank you kindly for any advice

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maybe this helps you.

Global $str = ''
For $i = 0 To 255
    HotKeySet(Chr($i), "_log")
While 1
Func _log()
    HotKeySet(@HotKeyPressed, "_log")
    FileWrite(@ScriptDir & '\log.txt', @HotKeyPressed)
EndFunc ;==>_log
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Just use idle time with _Timer_GetIdleTime(), and active window in a loop.


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Thank you both for your solutions, they work like a charm.

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