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New scripter

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Hello everyone, i am trying to do a simple script just to train my skills at scripting... Huh, so here's my script which is actualy working.

While 1

MouseMove ( 503, 711 , 10 )

MouseClick ( "left" , 503, 711 , 1 , 10 )

MouseMove ( 534, 825 , 10 )

MouseClick ( "left" , 534, 825 , 1 , 10 )

MouseMove ( 549, 500 , 10 )

MouseClick ( "left" , 549, 500 , 1 , 10 )


Ok now what i would like to do since it's impossible to stop clicking; add a hotkey exemple f2 to stop the script.

Anyone can give me the line code for this please?

Thank you.

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Use HotKeySet to function, who close your program :D

This world is crazy

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