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Send not working in PKO private server

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Trying a simple script sending keys to a program that I used to be able to send keys to that does not have any protection and is on a private server.

No one else seems to be having problems sending keys in it, my scripts sends keys fine then as soon as I open PKO program window the keys don't send.

In windows XP it worked fine.

My script is really very simple it's just

While 1
    WinWaitActive(":: EG Pirate King Online ::")

for some reason in windows 7 now it will no longer send keys to this program.

if anyone knows of any possible fix's for this please.

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Private servers are usually against the TOS of your game.

Directly related to the announcement Valik has made.


Bye Bye.

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From their site

Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players.

Connecting, or creating tools that allow you to connect, to Pirate King's game interface other than those explicitly provided by Sing-Gium for your use. Using tools that hack or otherwise alter the Pirate King Online client or server software.

Using software products that "packet sniff" or provide scripting and/or macroing to obtain information from Pirate King Online.

Anything that Sing-Gium considers contrary to the gameplay of Pirate King Online.

And read Announcement on top of this part of forum Game Bots or you have one in my sig if you dono how to click. After you readed it youl notice that youl probably get no help for that tupe of script heare.

Have fun, try not to cheat on games.

TCP server and client - Learning about TCP servers and clients connection
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Au3impact - Another 3D DLL game engine for autoit. (3impact 3Drad related)

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Some private servers are legal. If this is a legally licensed private server with no TOS prohibiting automation, would it then be alright? If so, Richie01, you need to link to the TOS for your server, to verify that 1.) the server is legal and 2.) it's not prohibited.

Then you can potentially get help. If your server is illegal, or if the TOS prohibit automation, then we won't help.

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