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Html/css programming

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Hello folks,

I am trying to help my friend who wants to do some html/css programming but both of us are stumped by a problem.

What my friend wants to do is access the text in some class attributes. There are a number of HTML pages where he would like to get the text and put it into a database. But the thing is, we don't know how to set things up or how to refer to the variables.

Take the example below, if he wants to get at street-address, how does he access the content of that ??

Does he use something like somevariable = .street-address ?? Where somevariable is defined as a string variable in his program ? How should he assign a variable that contains that text ?

Is there an API or library when working with those kinds of things ? How do we set up AutoIt when doing this type of work ?

Hopefully someone here can get us headed in the right direction. I spent a whole bunch of time on the web trying to find a decent example of how to do this but all I got were out of context examples (mostly definitions) that weren't helpful at all.

Thanks for any help you can give !

Here is the code example---------------

<div class="vcard">

<div class="adr">

<span class="type">Work</span>:

<div class="street-address">169 University Avenue</div>

<span class="locality">Palo Alto</span>,

<abbr class="region" title="California">CA</abbr>

<span class="postal-code">94301</span>

<div class="country-name">USA</div>


<div class="tel">

<span class="type">Work</span> +1-123-123-1234


<div class="tel">

<span class="type">Fax</span> +1-123-123-1235



<span class="email">info@bla_bla.net</span>



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Just a little start

#include <Array.au3>
$str = '<div class="vcard">' & @CRLF & _
        '<div class="adr">' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="type">Work</span>:' & @CRLF & _
        '<div class="street-address">169 University Avenue</div>' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="locality">Palo Alto</span>,' & @CRLF & _
        '<abbr class="region" title="California">CA</abbr>' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="postal-code">94301</span>' & @CRLF & _
        '<div class="country-name">USA</div>' & @CRLF & _
        '</div>' & @CRLF & _
        '<div class="tel">' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="type">Work</span> +1-123-123-1234' & @CRLF & _
        '</div>' & @CRLF & _
        '<div class="tel">' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="type">Fax</span> +1-123-123-1235' & @CRLF & _
        '</div>' & @CRLF & _
        '<div>Email:' & @CRLF & _
        '<span class="email">info@bla_bla.net</span>' & @CRLF & _
        '</div>' & @CRLF & _
ConsoleWrite(StringStripCR(StringReplace($str, @LF, '')) & @CRLF)
$re = StringRegExp(StringStripCR(StringReplace($str, @LF, '')) , '>([\w \.\@\:\-\+]+)<', 3)


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Yahtzee The game "Yahtzee" (Kniffel, DiceLion)

LoginWrapper Secure scripts by adding a query (authentication)

_RunOnlyOnThis UDF Make sure that a script can only be executed on ... (Windows / HD / ...)

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