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Running a Func() every 10 seconds

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Hi there,

what I had expected to be pretty easy in theory didn't turn out the way I had wanted it to.

I have my script which just does all kinds of things, but every 10 seconds I need a certain function to be run.

I put a TimerInit() at the start (before the loop) and used TimerDiff in the loop, but this didn't work.

Here's an example:

$Timer = TimerInit()

While 1
    If IsInt(TimerDiff($Timer) / 10000) = 1 Then
            MsgBox(0,"","(Another) 10 seconds have passed")

What's a better way of doing this :(?

Checking if TimerDiff($Timer) > 10000 and then resetting the timer?


P.S: Perhaps it's because when checking the time it'll never be a integer, because it just skips that time doing other things, resulting in the time being 17.98876 the first time and 18.00256 the second time it polls, for example. If this is the case then putting more code in the loop will only make it more inaccurate I think, and my script obviously has a lot more in the loop than the example does.

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You are going to chew alot of cycles this way, how accurate does this need to be? Perhaps a Sleep(1000) in there would smooth things out by giving other things a chance to run.

Also, for the check, this may or may not run faster:

Mod(TimerDiff($Timer), 10000) < 500
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AdlibEnable ( "test" 10000)

While 1

Func test()
    MsgBox(0, "", "test")

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AdlibRegister works like a charm, thanks :(.

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