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Calculated random sleep =0

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Now I cant go 1 day without posting some kind of question. So here is the question of the day:

Is this possible?

And where would i find the info on it?

$t1 = InputBox("Test", "How many minutes would you like to sleep??", "")

; $t1 = iniread(@scriptdir, "test", "1", $answer)
$t2 = $t1 * 600000
$t3 = $t2 + 200000

msgbox(0, "test", "This is a test")

This is a little something i was working on with my son, and we are testing to see if it is possible to generate an input box and tie it to a random sleep command.

Thanks for any replies.

Cue ( the tinker ) adding the s is optional

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Im not quite sure i understand your question.


$t2 = $t1 * 600000 ; take off one Zero. its not Six Hundred Thousand. Its Sixty  Throusand, 60,000 = 1 min.
$t3 = $t2 + 200000

But your code should work fine.

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They call me MrRegExpMan

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