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Help with code please

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Ok the code I want is very simple. It is basicly a bot program so I can keep harvesting a resource in a game without the constant click click click and my finger getting sore.

The code I have is:

For $x = 1 to 200






Basic idea is to keep having the program right click for me a bunch of times. I run the program and it seems to work fine on my desktop, meaning it will cause it to right click and such on the icons. But when I load up the game and then run the exe on the bot program it does not seem to work in the game window.

Any help for what I need to do to fix this problem??

Please be very specific when it comes to the programing I am very much a newb, but can follow instructions =)

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It does not forbit it yet. Game is in EARLY beta and there is nothing about that currently. Only thing we have is a nondisclosure for the game.

Any ideas on how to get around something like that then?

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