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I am currently downloading from Rapidshare without a premium account. I have a download manager that can continuously download for me but between the downloads there is always a 15 minute waiting period. I can skip this by turning my router off and on again (gets new IP). Since I can't do this manually at night I need a script that functions as follows:

I can open my routers page. There is a RESET Button that resets the router and gives me a new IP.

My Download Manager has a option to run a program after a download is finished. So, I will turn it on and place my MOUSE POINTER over the RESET Button. Once a download finishes I need the Program to CLICK ONCE therefore resetting the router and starting a new download. Once this one finishes the procedure repeats.

So in Recap:

I need a program that CLICKS ONCE when it is EXECUTED

I found this function:

MouseClick ( "button" [, x, y [, clicks [, speed ]]] )

The position of the click is 767, 404

Need some help filling in the blanks !

Thanks in advance !

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