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Find a sentence and remove

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I am looking for a way to search a text file for the start of a sentence


Tunnel command:


Command to run:

The beginning of each sentence begins the same. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this.

I will have more than just the two sentences.

BTW there could be multiple sentences that start the same way and I will need to remove them all.

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The best way would be to use the StringRegExp()or StringRegExpReplace() functions.

Unfortunately I am lousey at making patterns still, but it wont harm you to have a look, you will most likely be better at it than I.

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You could use StringRegExpReplace but you need an ending character for the sentence ( like some type of punctuation ).

Example, if all your sentences end in a period:

Global $s_infile = "filename to read"
Global $s_outfile = "filename to write to, could be the same as in file"
Global $s_string = FileRead("filename")
$s_string = StringRegExpReplace($s_string, "(?i)(?s)Tunnel command:.+?\.", "")
$s_string = StringRegExpReplace($s_string, "(?i)(?s)Command to run:.+?\.", "")

Global $h_open = FileOpen($s_outfile, 2)
FileWrite($h_open, $s_string)

Be sure to use this code on a test file only.

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