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Network Connection Information?

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Is there any way to collect information about all connections (wireless or not) to a network? I seem to recall something like this that had already been made? I'm not quite sure.

Basically I want to grab information about connections without actually knowing the name or anything.

For example, if I'm on a laptop at a hotel or at school, I could be getting several networks that I could connect to. I want to retrieve any data that I can about these networks.

I don't really have any script yet because:

1) I want to know if this has already been done (at least partially)

2) I don't exactly know where to start.

I will continue looking around in the mean time. Thanks!

Edit: Maybe it has to do with ws2_32.dll?

I have looked at Windows Socket functions and here's what I found:



I'm not quite sure what to do, but here's my attempt:

#include <Array.au3>

Global $DLL = "ws2_32.dll", $hLookup

$sWSADATA = DllStructCreate("word Version;word HighVersion;char Description[256];char SystemStatus[256];ushort MaxSockets;ushort MaxUdpDg")
$sWSAQUERYSET = DllStructCreate("dword Size;str ServiceInstanceName;str ServiceClassId;str Version;str Comment;dword NameSpace;str NSProviderId;str Context;dword NumberOfProtocals;str apfProtocals;str QueryString;dword NumberOfCsAddrs;str csaBuffer;dword OutputFlags;str Blob")
DllStructSetData($sWSAQUERYSET, "Size", DllStructGetSize($sWSAQUERYSET))

$WSAStartup = DllCall($DLL, "int", "WSAStartup", "word", "2.2", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($sWSADATA))

$WSALookupServiceBegin = DllCall($DLL, "int", "WSALookupServiceBegin", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($sWSAQUERYSET), "dword", "LUP_RETURN_ALL", "handle", $hLookup)

This is my current script. I know it's wrong, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I'm not used to this. WSAStartup appears to work but WSALookupServiceBegin doesn't.

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This is interesting, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I was looking more for information on the actual network.

So, not information about a process' connection, but rather the network itself.

Say I'm on a laptop at a hotel or something.

Through Windows I would be able to view all networks I could connect to, regardless of whether they need a password or not.

Say I connect to one. I want any information I can get about the network I am connected to. Anything from the name to any other bit of information.

I'm not quite sure what sort of data to expect, so I can't explain very much.

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