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how to refrsh a web page..if page canot be displaed

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I am new to auto it.

I am trying to make a script.

which log will allow me to log in in face book and then log out form face book.

My 1st question is....if web page can not be displayed how to refresh it?

and 2nd question is how log out from a the site?(face book)



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Hi, I'm pretty new to autoit too.

What I found for you is:


This should do the work. Check help file. Should be something like

_IEAction ($Yourpage, "refresh"), to reload a page.

No idea about the logout. Sorry.

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In the page source the logout button looks like this:

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/logout.php?h=6e14796ddd7a2c1c2a2822519dc82e6a&amp;t=1273749133&amp;ref=nb">Logout</a>

I assume the values for "h", "t" and "ref" are dynamically generated, so you can't just use a static logout url.

Assuming that you are using the _IE UDF:

I would first attempt to do this using _IELinkClickByText().

If that fails you can always just read the link from the page source and _IENavigate() to it.

edit: the link got messed op

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