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Rapidshare links to SSL

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For whatever reason my ISP has blocked access to the rapidshare.com website so I can;t download anything from there which sucks as I use it a lot but I have discovered that if you use the secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) then the links work o_0 anyway I'm far too lazy to add the extra S to the protocol for each file I download so I made this little script :idea:

Dim $sOldClip, $sNewClip, $sLink
$sOldClip = ClipGet()
While True
    $sNewClip = ClipGet()
    If $sNewClip <> $sOldClip Then
        If StringInStr($sNewClip, "rapidshare.com") Then
            $sLink = StringReplace($sNewClip, "http", "https", 1)
        $sOldClip = $sNewClip

It just watches your clipboard for rapidshare links and converts them to SSL before opening it.

Hope that somebody finds it useful



Edited by Marlo

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There are far better ways to watch the clipboard than that. Look into _ClipBoard_SetViewer and related functions. That sort of implementation might make a worthwhile example.

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