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auto clicking on unacitve windows

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hi everyone, im quite new at autoit but i still now some basics.

im playing a game called redstone and i wanted auto it to right click or send the button "A" on it

i play the game with sandboxie so i can open multiple clients(window mode).

the three clients are open (not minimized) and i wanted autoit to send the key "A" to each of them every 2min.

here i leave you a screenshot:


Posted Image


Posted Image

as you can see, sandboxie gives the extra windows some strange names.

is it possible to send a key to each window without them popping up?

in the game if you dont click or write anything for 2min you get afk (no exp)

so my idea is to play on an account, while the other 2 leech the exp. so i will need autoit to click/write on the other windows without them interrupting my gameplay.

extra info:

the process is called Red Stone.exe and there are 3 of them (one for each client)

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We don't allow botting here.

Also, this kind of thing is likely enough to get you banned from the game.

I can see several things you're doing wrong here. First, they only let you run the game once and you're running it more than once. Second, you're trying to de-idle your other accounts to prevent them from being kicked for idling.

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btw its not illegal on that game.

if you play it you would have known. read terms of play.

Something like mu online, where you are able to use a autoclicker to kill all day long.

and there is nothing about third party programs on the terms.

check forums and youll see lots of ppl talking about sandboxie and bots.

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Thats funny cause what I read was they dont allow ANY third party software that helps you gain any sort of unfair advantage over someone else, which dosent really matter anyway since the announcement dosent care about the game, it cares about not helping with cheating at online multiplayer games

Likewise, if a game features an online multiplayer component and you are attempting to automate it, discussion of such bots is not allowed here. If you create a thread to automate a game you need to make sure the game doesn't explicitly forbid it and that it does not feature multiplayer

So its you who needs to do some reading.

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