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Newbie Help: How to make a program run continuously?

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Hello guys, I just registered here.

I've been looking on AutoIt for a week now, amazing language...but got stuck in this one.

I'm making a program to input certain characters for certain keys.

Here's a smaller version of what I want:

HotKeySet("+{S}", "inputA");
Func inputA()
EndFunc   ;==>inputA

HotKeySet("+{W}", "inputQ");
Func inputQ()
EndFunc   ;==>inputQ

HotKeySet("+{X}", "inputZ");
Func inputZ()
EndFunc   ;==>inputZ

Now the problem is, upon executing, the program runs one-off and exits.

I want it to run continuously until I press End or something.

I tried _isPressed in While/WEnd but then realized functions don't work in loops :-P

Is there anything that'll make the program stop until certain key is pressed? It doesn't have the good old getch(); :-(

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Put this at the bottom to keep yout script alive

while 1



and add a hotkey for the exit func

func _exit()



Worked...thanks a lot man!

But hey, this seems magic to me.

I need a theoretical explaination...the sleep function gets the delay of just 1 sec. then how come its looping continuously?

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Basically the script is just asleep forever/until you exit.

HotkeySet function will interupt the current function ( which is Sleep() ) and run the called function.

Alright...that great! Never came across this idea :mellow:

Thanks again dude!

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