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notepad wont open "run" or "fileopen"

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ive tried run ("notepad.exe")

run ("Notepad.exe")

run ("C:\WINDOWS\System32\notepad.exe").

i was originally trying the Fileopen command, but it wasnt working.

FileOpen("C:\Documents and Settings\dtpstaff\Desktop\DeleteAfterScriptFinishes.txt")


(both the above with ', 0' at the end)

wtf am i doing wrong???

this is basicly copying the text underneath "First Name" and then im going to paste it into another program.

run ("notepad.exe")
WinWaitActive ("[CLASS:Notepad]")
send ("^o")
send ("DeleteAfterScriptFinishes.txt")
send ("{ENTER}")
WinWaitActive ("[CLASS:Notepad]")
send ("{altdown}")
send ("E")
send ("F")
send ("{ALTUP}")
sleep (300)
send ("!N")
sleep (300)
send ("first name")
send ("!F")
send ("{esc}")
sleep (300)
send ("{right}")
sleep (300)
send ("{SHIFTDOWN}")
sleep (300)
send ("{down}")
sleep (300)
send ("{shiftup}")
sleep (300)
send ("^C")
send ("!{tab}")

<--a good way to start you day

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Your run command is correct and should work. I'm not sure why it's not.

However, your trying to read out of a file, try something like this...

$hFile = FileOpen("C:\Documents and Settings\dtpstaff\Desktop\DeleteAfterScriptFinishes.txt",0)
$sFileText = FileRead($hFile)
;now search your text for 'First Name'
$pos = StringInStr($sFileText,'First Name') +10 ;get the position of First String - add 10 for the lenth of the search string
;read everything after 'First Name'
$newTxt = StringRight($sFileText,StringLen($sFileText)-$pos)

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