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How to disable "AutoIt Error" msgbox?

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Hi there!

I'm using a script that keeps executing some Excel commands every minute in an Excel Sheet and some rare cases appears that message “The requested action with this object has failed.” (Without even touching the computer).

I guess that is a AutoIt + COM Object attachment issue, because it happens too while doing simple stuffs like reading/writing stuffs in the Cells and I don't If is possible to resolve it. Any comments?

So, my solution is:

Create another script that keep checking if my 'main script' is still running, If not, run it again.

For that, I need to disable the "AutoIt Error" messagebox that appears when happens this error.

Sorry If I couldn't explain properly my issue :mellow:


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I'm not that good with COM+, but I think implementing a custom COM Error Handler to gracefully catch the errors (write them to console instead?) would be the best approach. See an example of that in the help-file for function ObjEvent().

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Try to use

Global $oError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ErrFunc")
<your code>
Func _ErrFunc()
;~  ConsoleWrite($oError.scriptline & ";" & $oError.source & ";" & $oError.description & @CRLF)

It should bypass the em.



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