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How to make 2 computers communicate through the Internet?

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After using AutoIt for a while, now I'm planning to try something new, i.e to code some kind of easy online game. I think I'm able to make a 2-people Chinese Chess game (without AI of course, it's just 2 real people playing against each other). Playing offline is not really interesting, so I think I'll make it an online game, i.e 2 people sitting on 2 different computers can play with each other.

The only problem I have left is that I don't really know how to make 2 computers communicate with each other through the Internet. :P Say, if I have 2 computers' IPs, can I make them "communicate" with each others? Like, if a player makes a move, them some bits of information will be sent to the other computer, and on receiving those bits, the move will be shown on that computer. I wonder if there are any DLLs, or UDFs that are capable of doing things like this?

Thanks guys a lot,

Have a nice day, :mellow:

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There are multiple examples of client and servers across the forum using the TCP... functions.

I think there is one in the helpfile too.

Have a search in the example script forum for some ideas.


Also you could look at a video tutorial on 403forbiddens blog


server client tutorial is part 11

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