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How to restart a script ?

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I'm using a script luncher for tests on a main script like this :

Run (@AutoItExe & ' ' & @ScriptDir & '\TabTest.au3 ' & $param, @ScriptDir)

If I call the script again, I have the same script running twice.

How to detect if the script is running and stop it before lunching ?

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Try the _Singleton() function from misc.au3

From the help file: Enforce a design paradigm where only one instance of the script may be running.

Something like


should do the trick, although I don't know how the function behaves if the script is not compiled...

EDIT: Looks like I haven't seen yet the latest version of the UDF... corrected Function call

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or you can do

if WinExists("mytitle") then WinClose("mytitle")

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