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problem with quotes

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i am trying to schedule a task using schtasks

here is what i am trying to set:

RunWait('schtasks /create /s \\hostname /Ru SYSTEM /tn "EncryptionTest" /tr "cmd /c sgestate /l | findstr /i 'Return code' > c:\temp\enc.txt" /sc once /st 00:00:00', "", @SW_HIDE)

using 'Return code' with single quotes creates the task successfully but it wont run it. it wants the double quotes around "Return code"

so if i use double quotes around "Return code", it doesnt like the double quotes nor single quotes around the whole "cmd /c..... /st 00:00:00" command

any of you come across something similar?

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Hi what about "" when you need " ?

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Hmm?? Try this..

RunWait("schtasks /create /s \\hostname /Ru SYSTEM /tn ""EncryptionTest"" /tr ""cmd /c sgestate /l | findstr /i ""Return code"" > c:\temp\enc.txt"" /sc once /st 00:00:00", "", @SW_HIDE)

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This isn't realy an autoit problem. You're trying to send a commandline containing quotes to schtasks, which it doesn't like. I think you'd have the same problem is you tried to type that code out in cmd.

nonetheless, try this:

Local $pid, $line, $string
$string = "schtasks /create /S \\hostname /RU SYSTEM /TN ""EncryptionTest"" /TR ""'cmd /c sgestate /l | findstr /i \""Return code\"" > c:\temp\enc.txt'"" /SC ONCE /ST 00:00:00"
ConsoleWrite($string & @CRLF) ;this is the string with escaped double quotes'
;note "'cmd /c sgestate /l | findstr /i \"Return code\" > c:\temp\enc.txt'" single quotes in doubles for the entire string, schtasks escaped doubles for return code.
$pid = Run($string, "", @SW_HIDE,8)
While 1
    $line &= StdoutRead($pid)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
ConsoleWrite($line & @CRLF)

edit: the stdread was just to make it easier for me to see what was going on. You can use that string with runwait if it works.

edit: typo.

Glad it worked gcue. The escaped and embedded quotes where in the help for schtasks (schtasks /create /?), but I couldn't test it on my PC.

Edited by Tvern

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Tvern, that worked!!!

without the single quotes around 'cmd ....enc.txt'

many thanks!!!!!!!

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