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controlclick with coords

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hi @ all,

i have a problem with the controlclick.

i want to create a script for a automated installation of a software.

I usually use for this function something like this:

ControlClick("MOVITOOLS®-MotionStudio 5.50","text","[CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:5]")

but with this software the first click doesn't work.

if I make the first click itself the others work.

now I try the same function with coordinates:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: MOVITOOLS®-MotionStudio 5.50

Class: TMainForm

Position: 396, 295

Size: 608, 459

Style: 0x16C80000

ExStyle: 0x00010100

Handle: 0x0015024C

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: TPanel

Instance: 5

ClassnameNN: TPanel5

Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:5]

ID: 852884


Position: 488, 395

Size: 97, 28

ControlClick Coords: 26, 15

Style: 0x56010000

ExStyle: 0x00010000

Handle: 0x000D0394

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 913, 727

Cursor ID: 2

Color: 0xB2C5D1

i tried the following:

ControlClick("MOVITOOLS®-MotionStudio 5.50", "text", 852884 [, "[CLASS:TPanel;Instance5]" [, 1 [, 26 [, 15]]]] )

.. nothing..

what am i doing wrong?

or is it because of the software?



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Hi, welcome to the forum.

You may or my not of noticed this in the remarks of ControlClick

Some controls will resist clicking unless they are the active window. Use the WinActivate() function to force the control's window to the top before using ControlClick().

give that a try if you never realised.

Note that you dont use the [] when a function is showing optional parameters just omit them.

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If you "usually use for this function" then you should know that almost everything is wrong with this.

ControlClick("MOVITOOLS®-MotionStudio 5.50", "text", 852884 [, "[CLASS:TPanel;Instance5]" [, 1 [, 26 [, 15]]]] )

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@ yoriz

I have used the function WinActivate.


I've written many scripts and it always worked.


I talked to someone from the support. He said that there works no automatic installation so far.

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I've written many scripts and it always worked.

Well mate you best check again. That is by no means correct for many reasons.

I suggest you search the forum for examples of how it is meant to be done. I also suggest you get the window handle first (WinGetHande()) then use that in the ControlClick() for simplicity.

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