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Error allocating memory.

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Hi all ...

I did a program for monitoring about 200 locations.

There are main program and 3 others.

These 3 cheking and collecting some ports status and SQL data.

Four times per hour these programs 3x200 times runing(like threads).

Every thing works fine. But in a 6-7 hours "Memory Usage" of the

main growing up 15-20 times and "VM Size" more then 2Gb.

And after this i have "Error allocating memory."

Instead of run real programs I used "empty" files. Just _Singletone and exit.

Same effect. So it is not memory leak.

Why main application usage growing up? They all compiled separately.

May be it's how AutoIt using memory?

Sorry my english.

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Great, another guessing game, I love these :blink:


No-one can help you without your code, or at least some of it.

Without code, these threads wind up with people suggesting things and the author each time saying "Its not that I tried that already" and I lot of wasted time.

Your best bet for help is to detail the steps you have already taken to try and debug your problem, so there are no circles.

I'm not suggesting I could help you in this matter, but if you follow what I saud you will get quicker and more relevant help.

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Sorry! My fault...

But code is very big

Finaly I found the issue.

In the "Run" I used optional flag "7". It came from very old version.

So now works fine.

Next time I will not forget about code.

Thank You for yours response.

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