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Sample scipt of a macro

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I've only recently learned of AutoIt and I want to learn more about it. Sadly, I'm a very poor programmer and it would probably take ages to learn some things without your help.

I've gone through the tutorials and some sample scripts I found on another site. I'm currently at macros... and no matter how hard I try, some of my macros just don't work. I'd like to ask for a sample script of a described process:

I press F3 -> a macro starts

* Shift(up?) + "h" (+Shiftdown?)

* "i,"

* Enter

* (sleep 50)

* "it's me."

I'd this macro not to work till I press something like ctrl + shift + o too, as I'm afraid to screw up (once I managed to perma-assign some macros to some of my keyboard buttons with c++... couldnt find a way to fix it, so I reinstalled Windows)

I may post my attempt to make a macro script later if needed... but I'd like to avoid embarrassing myself even more (as you can see, even now I'm still not used to AutoIt syntax...). I'd also like to see your approach (maybe something could be done differently... I don't know). That's all for now, I will probably add some more AutoIt questions as I progress further.

Thanks in advance.

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You wont embarrass yourself, everyone has to start somewhere.

What happens a lot of the time is that you figure out how to achieve your goal as you are preparing an example to post here, and that helps yourself a lot more that looking at a script.

If you do not figure it out then you will get some help with altering it, its win win.

Post your attempt.

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Try active hotkeys to make sure you aren't assigning pre-assigned hotkeys


All programmers started out at the experiment stage. This is the reason this is a help forum. Just post whatever you are working on, even if you may find it embarrassing. We have all been there so don't worry about it.

Honestly, the people here are more willing to help if you show you have made a reasonable attempt at scripting. What most people don't usually like are the words "just let me see your code" or "please write this for me." If you can show that you at least tried, the help usually comes in heaps vs. just a few slow responses.

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