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PixelGetColor newb question (not in FAQ)

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I'm new in AutoIt therefore this is for sure an easy question:

I cannot give Autoit the relative coordinates of my window because it

refers always to the absolute ones. For example:

AutoItSetOption("PixelCoordMode",0) ;relative coords to the defined window
WinActivate("DoubleRainbow Mozilla Firefox")
Exit $register

...doesn't return the relative 616,556 pixel color of the browser's window "DoubleRainbow", but

the p. color of the window that is in the coords 616,556 of the desktop.

Help a newb please

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Look at the command AutoItSetOption

specially the setting in that command: "PixelCoordMode"

I tried PixelCoordMode 0, 1 and 2 but autoit always return the same color even if

it's changed, I'm blocked here ;)

ps. It's a flash application in a Firefox window

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