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can i use clipget with dircreate

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my goal is to create a folder on my desktop with somebodys name and the date, like "george 092210". or as plan b, use inputbox so i could type it my self. but my question is, can i use variables with dircreate? i tried to execute this and it didnt create the folder. i removed the "& $name" and it did. do i have to use clipput for this?

$name = clipget()
DirCreate ("C:\Documents and Settings\dtpstaff\Desktop\bc" & $name)

here is the whole thing:

;-------------------first name find text--------------------
WinActivate ("[class:Notepad]")

WinWaitActive ("[CLASS:Notepad]")
send ("{altdown}")
send ("E")
send ("F")
send ("{ALTUP}")
send ("!N")
send ("FIRST name")
send ("!F")
if Winactive ("Find") then 
    send ("{esc}")
send ("{right}")
send ("{SHIFTDOWN}")
send ("{down}")
send ("{shiftup}")
send ("^C")
$name = clipget()

DirCreate ("C:\Documents and Settings\dtpstaff\Desktop\bc" & $name)

<--a good way to start you day

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