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specific exe won't let me script

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I am new to Autoit, try to find out but may have missed the thing so please excuse if this is a common issue.

I have very simple script where I wish to click a control on a specific app called Player



ControlClick("Player", "" , 4037)

4037 being the control ID I wish to click on.

This was not working so to try additionnal things, I add


MouseClick("primary", 715, 499, 2)

the app "Player" is activated by the script but then the MouseMove don't even work

If I replace "Player" by an other app like Firefox I can see the Mouse moving, but not with this particular "Player" app, the mouse won't move.

Any idea??

Thanks for your help

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Since your Player window is active, try using $var = WinGetTitle("[active]") to get the active window name and then passing $var to your ControlClick(). It may be that the title isn't what it seems. I once had a window title with a space at the end that caused me trouble.

Also try Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) to match any text within the title.

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The script is activating the window so the title is right.

The speed of youe mouse "100" will take a week to move, try leaving that param out or change to 10

Your control click ID most likely changed with each time the app starts, try using its class.

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Hi thanks for your feedback

It appears that my script was ok but failing with the 64 bits version

I tried the 32 bits and it was working properly with this "Player" application as well!

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