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Script to detect new window?

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(n00b alert)

Hey all,

I am new to using AutoIt and the forums here so please be patient.

I am in the midst of starting a big project so I'm sure I will have lots of questions in the future, but I'm currently looking for a working script (able to be called upon by a seperate gui exe I'm making) that can automatically detect when a new window (regardless of what it is) opens up, and to grab the title of the window and the different forms/objects in that window. Essentially what I am going for is, I start the .exe, open a new window that is detected by the .exe, and displays the title and the name of the text box that is in the window (because what I want it to do is track what text shows up in the box). I don't know if it matters but I am running Windows 7. I hope someone can help me. Thanks for your patience.

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I'm not certain there is a native function in autoit3 to just get a collection of all of a windows controls and objects.

Since you say your new, you will get better help with your code if you post it, the majority of people here will help someone with code but not write a "working script" for them.

For detecting windows, have a look at the WinList() function. <- help file.

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