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Output from DOS

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Dear folks,

I trying to create a script that would tells me what mode is CheckPoint SecuRemote is in and then perform a task. but I'm unable to output the status to my script. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My script:

Local Const $CPPATH = 'C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SecuRemote\bin\'
Local Const $Connect = "Connect Mode", $CLI = "Command Line Mode", $modeoutput= @ScriptDir & "\mode.txt"
Func CLI ()
Run($CPPATH & "scc setmode cli", "", @SW_HIDE)
Sleep (3000)
EndFunc ;==> End CLI
Func CON ()
Run($CPPATH & "scc setmode con", "", @SW_HIDE)
EndFunc ;==> End of Connect

;Check SecureClient Mode
$mode = Run($CPPATH & "scc setmode", "", @SW_HIDE)
If $mode = $CLI  Then
    MsgBox( 16,"Secure Client is in Command Line Mode")
    $mode = $Connect Then
    MsgBox( 16,"Secure Cleint is in Connect Mode")

The Output from Command Line:


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Im not much familiar with the functions, but you should be looking at StdoutRead() and its related functions.

Hi John, I would give it a try. Thank you.

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