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Okay i finally got the control click down, sorry was slow with it, i realize it clicks a certain coord in that box no matter of the resolution but after re scripting my whole 700+ line script control don't click nothing,

I read somewhere i have to use move mouse so my question is is there another way with out putting Move mouse, cause in my opinion thats still depending on the regular mouse position to get it right which would then turn around and create the same problem based on the coords per different resolutions.

there is no control id cause its clicking on a banner so i just use the windows name and coords


ControlClick("Mozilla Firefox", 127, 32") does Nothing

is there a trick to this?

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wow your right


Some controls will resist clicking unless they are the active window. Use the WinActivate() function to force the control's window to the top before using ControlClick().

Using 2 for the number of clicks will send a double-click message to the control - this can even be used to launch programs from an explorer control!

Been working on this for 2 days and it was right there lol

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Now here is something that isnt in the help file,

My main Pc is 1920 x 1080 and my laptop is 1440 x 900

Now when there are windows to be called that have id's it doesnt matter control click same coords no matter what resolutions, but if i wanna click on a banner from a web page there is no id and coords are different on pc then they are on laptop, thats the trick im talking about,

How do i write this script here and then move it to laptop when my son is here watching scooby doo lol or when i use on laptop since size is different will the coords auto adjust?

Please need to get this fixed,

Like whats wrong with this

WinActive ( "VZAccess Manager" )

ControlClick("[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:3]", "", 45, 15 )

controlclick don't click nothing

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Here is the win tool info,

just tell me how to get it to click connect and i can figure it out from the code cause the help file isnt doing nothing for me

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: VZAccess Manager

Class: Afx:00400000:0

Position: 1423, 601

Size: 500, 442

Style: 0x14CFC000

ExStyle: 0x00000100

Handle: 0x00471C58

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: ToolbarWindow32

Instance: 3

ClassnameNN: ToolbarWindow323


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:3]

ID: 59392


Position: 0, 114

Size: 484, 33

ControlClick Coords: 43, 16

Style: 0x5400184E

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x00181C0E

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 51, 160

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0xE7FFFF

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

1: 32810 Connect

2: 32811 Start VPN

3: 32865 Get Access

4: 32954 Network Selection

5: 32959 My Verizon

>>>> Visible Text <<<<


>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

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