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Memory Address Change every execution

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I want to make a script that changes some address value in memory of a process.

I'm using ArtMoney to search that address.

The problem is that every time I open the program, the address that was captured changes and I have to search it again by ArtMoney.

How can I make my script use this value that changes with each run to calculate the Address I want to change?

I think it's something like this:

Value 1 (Value I serach with ArtMoney - Value that changes each run)

Value 2 (Value that changes each run + Value 1)

Sry my bad english


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Offset = Address I get with Artmoney - BaseAddress ?

I found the following script:

#include <NomadMemory.au3> 
SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1) 
$pid = ProcessExists("Program.exe")
;Use with pointers
;Global $Offset1[5] 
;$Offset1[0] = 0 ; Is ALWAYS 0. 
;$Offset1[1] = Dec("c") 
;$Offset1[2] = Dec("14") 
;$Offset1[3] = Dec("0") 
;$Offset1[4] = Dec("18") 
;$StaticOffset = Dec("D8A4A") 
$openmem = _MemoryOpen($pid) ; Open the memory 
$baseADDR = _MemoryGetBaseAddress($openmem, 1) 
;$finalADDR = "0x" & Hex($StaticOffset + $baseADDR) ; Creates the final static address you read from. 
MsgBox(0,"MSG", $baseADDR)

MsgBox return 0x3342336 then I reopen the Program and run script again and return the same value

How can I do this?

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