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Could you a helping hand. (Newbie question)

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So yea.. uhm. Started playing around with AutoIt a couple of hours ago and viewed some german tutorials on youtube (Couldn't understand much.. but anyways..). So I figured I was ready to create an auto login script for a game called League of Legends.

Everything goes well until I want it to get out of an "while" loop i did. I tried with the Wend command but didn't seem to help at all (Loop just continued..), so I tried with a "ExitLoop" function and that didn't quite work out either.

So now im turning to you in hope of a helping hand!

Here is the code, It's probably really messy since I have no experience at all with AutoIt, but don't flame to hard on me :x

Constructive criticism is really appreciated tho!



WinWaitActive("League of Legends Launcher - 1, 0, 0, 31 - [user]") ;Start your lol.exe, this code will log you in.

$Start = 1

if $start = 1 Then


Send("{TAB 11}")







$start += 1


WinWaitActive("PVP.net Client") ; This is right before bot starts the game. ***** !!!This is the loop that won't stop!!! *****

$startMenu = 1

while $startMenu = 1

$startFind = PixelSearch(321, 142,1597, 937,0x900000)

if IsArray($startFind) = True Then











MsgBox(0,"Howdieehoe","Funka jue")

Func terexit()

exit 0


Thanks in advance :P

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Ooooh! of to a bad start.

Best if you read the announcement at the top of the forum.

also there are english language tuts on youtube as well as tuts in the wiki here.

I just want a simple Login script (Need to practice AutoIt on something now don't I?!)

Can't you just give me a answer and I swear to god I will delete the script as soon as I get it working..?

Hell, I'll even record doing so if that pleases you :x

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And your problem is not failure to exit the loop, but the script is pausing waiting for a function. Learn autoit another way and people here will offer help. Once you have a clue what you're doing then you can go rogue. People are touchie about game automation here from any aspect (logging in, cheating, etc)

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