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anyway to execute this coding after compiling?

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I made an installer... and I want to show the person installing the program exactly how much space on the computer is needed in order to install my program...

this is a separate program I have to get the total size...

$a = FileGetSize("installs\Main.exe")
$b = FileGetSize("installs\uninstall.exe")
$c = FileGetSize("installs\EULA.txt")
$d = FileGetSize("installs\Readme.txt")
$e = FileGetSize("installs\Installer.jpg")
$f = FileGetSize("installs\3DX.dll")
$g = FileGetSize("installs\Email.exe")
$h = FileGetSize("installs\Settings.exe")
$i = FileGetSize("installs\L.txt")
$j = FileGetSize("installs\F.txt")
$k = FileGetSize("installs\P.txt")
$l = FileGetSize("installs\O.txt")
$z = Round((($a + $b + $c + $d + $e + $f + $g + $h + $i + $j + $k + $l) / 1048576 ),2)
MsgBox(0,"",$z & "mb")

is there anyway I can have it check the size of everything I "fileinstall()"'d in the main installer and give the variable back?

sorry for the poorly written question... I'm playing CoD ^.^

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You can use resources instead of FileInstall.

Then you can easily get also resource size.

You may look at my Resource UDFto get the idea, link is in my signature.

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