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Help w/ DLLs

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I used "Resource Hacker" to open an empty DLL, and added a new resource:

Resource Type: EXE

Resource Name: UDFCREATOR

Resource Lang:

I was wondering if somehow, I can extract my EXE out of the DLL.. maybe run it? Or does this process corrupt the EXE?

If it corrupts an EXE, what file extensions does it NOT corrupt?

I'd appreciate it if you don't just guess, please try to make this work.

If I knew more about DLL's then maybe I could do this myself. Thank you. :]

Also: I couldn't attach the DLL, but I'm sure its simple to insert an EXE into a DLL as I have described above.

Just to clear things up, my intentions are to hide/secure files to prevent sensitive information to be stolen easily, like business files.

At first it sounds suspicious, but really, its not.

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