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Serial communication difficulties

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Hello all,

I am embarking on a project which requires serial communication. One would logically think that serial communication would be a little easier to deal with then IP. It seems that I am running into the exact antithesis of my hypothesis when attempting to communicate serially. I have been playing around with Martin's comm udf and am having no luck at all. In this phase of the project, I am merely attempting to send one serial command via exe and after much reading around have found someone elses post that seemed to be along the lines of what I am looking for but is not working for me.

;Include the Serial UDF
#include 'CommMG.au3'

;Internal for the Serial UDF
Global $sportSetError = ''

;COM Vars
;_CommSetPort($iPort, ByRef $sErr, $iBaud = 9600, $iBits = 8, $iPar = 0, $iStop = 1, $iFlow = 0, $RTSMode = 0, $DTRMode = 0)
Global $CMPort = 2              ; Port
Global $CmBoBaud = 19200        ; Baud
Global $CmboDataBits =  8       ; Data Bits
Global $CmBoParity = "none"     ; Parity
Global $CmBoStop = 1            ; Stop
Global $setflow = 0            ; Flow
Global $RTSMode = 0
Global $DTRMode = 0
Global $iWait = 0

;Start up communication
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
While 1
_CommSetPort($CMPort, $sportSetError, $CmBoBaud, $CmboDataBits, $CmBoParity, $CmBoStop, $setflow, $RTSMode, $DTRMode)
sleep (2000)

$bBinData = Binary("0xF10801F0010102EE")
$iNumbytes = BinaryLen($bBinData)
$tBinData = DllStructCreate("byte["&$iNumbytes&"]")
DllStructSetData($tBinData, 1, $bBinData)
$iRet = _CommSendByteArray(DllStructGetPtr($tBinData),$iNumbytes,1)
If @error Or $iRet = -1 Then ConsoleWrite("!Error: " &  @error & @CRLF)


; Function Name:   _CommSendByteArray($pAddr,$iNum,$iWait)

; Description:    Sends the bytes from address $pAddress
; Parameters:     $iNum the number of bytes to send.
;                 $iWaitComplete - integer: if 0 then functions returns without
;                                  waiting for bytes to be sent
;                                 if <> 0 then waits until all bytes are sent.
; Returns:  on success returns 1
;           on failure returns -1 and sets @error to 1
;;NB could hang if byte cannot be sent and $iWaitComplete <> 0
;    could lose data if you send more bytes than the size of the outbuffer.
;    the output buffer size is 2048

By the appearance of this code, I should be able to execute this exe and a command should be sent from the appropriate port.

I am really confused by this and could deffinetely use a little help.

Thank you!

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