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Realtime data export to a webform

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I'm sorry but I think I originally posted this in the wrong forum.

I am new to programming and am trying to do the whole self teaching thing and so far it has been more challenging than I could have imagined. I have a project that came up and am looking to see if there is a way to grab data from a standard serial port and auto export it to email. I would prefer to use a php script I use for email so I guess sending data to a web form would work fine. My only trouble is actually figuring out how to do this.

If anyone can be of any help, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a project for my local fire department and I was asked to find the solution.

I have limited funds to work with and would be willing to pay for someones expertise on this.

thank you very much.


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"figuring out how to do this."

One step at a time would be your best bet.

I would start with getting the data from serial port, you can have a look at martins com port UDF.

I've never read about or used that UDF but I'm sure there is plenty of discussion about it in the thread, to get you started.

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