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Cable Modem/Router reset script Problem

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Hello I'm having a major problem trying to compile a script to do the below function.

Wonder if anyone has done anything similar?.

I have searched high and low here for an answer, but can't wrap my old vintage head around this.

These are the steps required to reset My IP address.

Click once to start Firefox, Click "Bookmarks", Click "links", Click "dd-wrt router" Click "setup" Click "ok" for authentication required, Click "MAC Address Clone", Change MAC by one HEX digit, Click Firefox once to bring up second window, Click "Bookmarks", Click "Links", Click "SB6120 Modem" Click "Configuration", Click "restart Cable modem", Click" Apply" in the other Firefox screen displaying the dd-wrt screen, wait 10 seconds, click to close both browsers.

This is what has been turning my old brain into mush, I have ton's of movies on a file hosting site and my Premium Membership ran out and I'm on a very limited budget(retired low income), so the only way I can download my files in a sane amount of time, would be to change the IP automatically with my downloading program (Jdownloader) It has provisions for very simple modem reset(which won't work in my case) and it's setup to automatically run a script or .exe compiled script when an IP reset is required. But my situation is a little unique, as I have to change the MAC while the Modem is resetting. This is fairly common to many US ISP's mine is COX and they key on the MAC and simply reissue the same IP if the MAC is on record. I'm not trying to steal something that's not mine, these are all my own files.

If I was in better financial shape and not retired I would simply buy another premium subscription to my file host. But food and shelter take first priority there.

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions, constructive criticism.

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I'd just like an opinion about whether or not this is even feasible.

I'm not asking anyone to write code for me, only to take a look at the requirements and give an opinion about it.

I'd rather not spend a lot of time on something that will never work in the first place.

If it looks like it cant be done with this tool it would be good to know before killing myself for days on something that'll never fly.

Thanks for ANY input.

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I'm sure it can be done, yes.

OK thanks John,

I'm trying to use iOpes iMacros right now as it seems to be geared to us old folks, who grew up with DOS and CP/M lol.

I have forgotten more then many will ever learn, and look where it got me. Well I think I'm getting close, I may not have the timing commands I'll need with this other one, so my strategy is to get it running to the point of any timing issues, and then translate it to this script.

It has a logging/recording function to record key clicks and assign them commands in a .js file. thanks again for the input I was so desperate for.

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