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I'm not sure exactly what this is called, and because of that I haven't been able to get good results when googling. Basically, we have dental software that links up with our x-ray software, and in the process of them talking together, they pass or "bridge" information such as name, dob, pt id, etc. These do this by adding %commands% to the run line. It looks like this:

C:\XrayVisionDCV\XrayVisionDCV.exe -h -p %namelast%,%namefirst%::::%idqsi%

When you run that command line FROM the dental software, it will convert those tags into current patient data. However, if I run it from the run command or an auto-it script, the name field will display as %namelast%. So my question is:

1) What do you call those %value%'s.

2) Is there anyway I can use autoit to make it look like the dental software is executing that command to push the data into the radiograph software? Alternatively, it would almost be better if I could just covert %namelast% and store it into $var, but I just don't understand how that process works. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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