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Optimal PixelSearch Strategy

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I'm trying to detect a circle moving across the screen at a moderate rate.

It would take about 8-10 seconds to move horizontally across my 1024x768 monitor.

The circle can be contained in a 10px by 10px square

The circle is generally of a bluish hue.

The circle contains the colour 0x0000FF at a specific spot within the circle(3, 3)

The background is non static and can be any colour.

When the circle is found at specific spot, press {Enter}.


The circle never stops consistently at the same spot.

Sometimes it's off by half a circle(5px), sometimes it's off by a whole circle(10px)

I'm trying to get the circle to stop at a precise location(with maybe 1-2px error)

I've tried pixelsearch variations of the following:

AutoItSetOption ("SendKeyDelay", 0)
AutoItSetOption ("SendKeyDownDelay", 100)
Dim $time = 5 ; I've tried varying this variable between 1 and 100
PixelSearch(90, 90, 100, 100, 0x0000FF, 5)     ;Inconsistent
;PixelSearch(90, 90, 100, 100, 0x0000FF, 5, 2) ;Inconsistent
;PixelSearch(90, 90, 100, 100, 0x0000FF)        ;Misses detection ~50% of the time
;PixelSearch(93, 93, 93, 93, 0x0000FF)          ;Misses detection ~95% of the time
While @error
    PixelSearch(90, 90, 100, 100, 0x0000FF, 5)


What would be an optimal way to search for a moving pixel with consistent timings?

Is there a better way to detect the circle?

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