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Error & successful timestamp -- My Firts AutoIT Script

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Hi Guys,

I am starting to dive into AutoIt scripting & i am trying to create a script for a task that i would like to get automated.

The goal here is to

1. Login to exchange server with predefined credentials

2. If Login is successful then write timestamp along with success status to a file

3. If Login is failed then write timestamp with failed status to a file.

Till now i was able to accomplish 1st sub-task which is as below. I am new to programming & does not know more about how to use arrays & functions.

Please suggest me how can i proceed (I am open to various ideas as i will learn from them)

Run ("C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe")

WinWaitActive ("Mozilla Firefox")

Send ("https://webmail.abcd.com/")

Send ("{ENTER}")

WinWait ("[CLASS:MozillaUIWindowClass]", "",10 )

Send ("abcd\myusername")

Send ("{TAB}")

Send ("mypassword@3!")

Send ("{ENTER}")

WinWaitActive ("Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Mozilla Firefox")

MouseClick ("left", 40, 403,1)

WinWait ("Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Mozilla Firefox","", 10)

WinClose ("Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Mozilla Firefox")

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