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How to find pointers and offsets

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I have been searching for the past 2 hours now and i kinda got the basic understanding about how to find them but i don`t understand it fully yet

I am using CE to find out the pointers and offset. So i found my health value from the game. I select " Find out what writes to that address" in CE. I select "More information" on the instruction that i need and out comes some info. Now my red highlighted line says mov [edx+edi*4+0.4], eax. Now i understand that the pointer is in register edx and it`s 0DABCB60. And also i understand that the offset is somewhere in the lines of edi*4+0.4 but i don`t know how to find it exactly (EDI = 00000000)

Also how would i go about writing this in autoit ?

$ID = ProcessExists("the game")

If $ID > 0 Then

Global $CurHPOffset[6] = [0, Some offsets i guess? Don`t know how to find them]

$StaticOffset = 0x0DABCB60 ( Is that what i need to put here or something else ? )

$openmem = _MemoryOpen($ID)

$baseADDR = _MemoryGetBaseAddress($openmem, 1)

$finalADDR = "0x" & Hex($baseADDR + $StaticOffset)

$HPread = _MemoryPointerRead($finalADDR, $openmem, $CurHPOffset, "char[10]")


MsgBox(0, "Info", $HPread[1])

Also for whatever reason my $baseADDR always returns 0 ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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