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My script stop when i logout vps

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I wrote a script to click on some link in IE and run it on my vps, but I'm having a problem: When I close the remote desktop window for a long time, the script is stopped and run again when I reopen the remote desktop windows. I tried to turn off screensaver but failed. Can someone help me fix it

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Does the remote machine turn on screensaver or lock after period of not being used?

if that is the case, you can write a simple script to move the mouse a couple pixels ever so often to keep it from locking up. (that's what I do)



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I think the problem is that the remote desktop PC is locked.

You have to make it so that you don't have to activate a window or better run the entire operation in @SW_MINIMIZE/ @SW_HIDE mode

Try using ControlClick/ ControlSend/ commands instead of MouseClick/ send/ commands.

Or if it is a IE form try to use the _IE comands

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