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Windows 7 Issue with command "Run"

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I have the following script to execute a command file

$rc = Run("c:\temp\test3.bat", "%TEMP%", @SW_MINIMIZE)
ConsoleWrite($rc & " - " & @error & " - " & @extended & @crlf)

when i run this code with Windows 7 64-Bit i get the following result line

0 - 1 - 267 (rc=0, error=1, extended=267)

The command will not start.

If i change the script (replacing %temp% with @TempDir) to

$rc = Run("c:\temp\test3.bat", @TempDir, @SW_MINIMIZE)
ConsoleWrite($rc & " - " & @error & " - " & @extended & @crlf)

it will work fine and runs the command file.

I guess it has something to do with the permission control in Windows7.

Does anybody knows this issue ?

What does the extended error 267 mean ?

Thanks for any help.

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ok i'm feeling stupid now :)

I forgot to add

Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", 1) ;0=don't expand, 1=do expand

Opt("ExpandVarStrings", 1) ;0=don't expand, 1=do expand

to my example script.

However it is still not working on this one machine (on other it does work).

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