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Hello help needed

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Hi all ,

first i want to say that am looking for this over year with no success getting some working example for packet edit or socket hooking . like wpe pro do, i want some open source example to see how i can add this feature to my tools , i know i can do it thru dll injection and this stuff hard and cant manage to do it . all i need is packet sender to online games for example or what ever is connected from browser and resend packets i want to game server .

this will help me alot . so i thought maybe i can do this using autoit . but same cant find any way to do it.

so if anybody can help me in this and show me working example in any language . will be great .

thanks alot

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i cant understand you forums rules some body ask for same stuff before and you answer it , i didnt ask you to hack game for me . i just want help to know how i can hook winsock and replace hooked packet with my packets . i did everything i can before i ask . i searched all sites in google and all your forums i asked to hire programmer nobody want to help dont know why !!!

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i cant understand you forums rules ..

Can happen, just don't come back until you do understand them.


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