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error on _adf.ly autoit script

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I don't care about legitimation for this site (http://adf.ly/2AbvJ). Never seen/signed/clicked a legal notice of them. Perhaps, the owner of this shortcut signed something, but this is not my duty. If they want to protect there site, they should hide the javascript a little better. Or am I wrong? Opinions !

It is not the website adf.ly takes you to that has to legal notice against bots, it is adf.ly themselves. Adf.ly is a URL shortening service, and in no way does it offer protection for the websites; only convenience for users and income for the account holder who shortened the URL! As a result of using their service to shorten a website address they make visitors 'look at' an ad for 5 seconds before they continue, which, in turn gains you money every time somebody goes to your link via adf.ly, and clicks on an advertisement whilst waiting! However, upon further examination it appears that adf.ly mean programs that automatically click advertisements on your own links, rather than programs that just skip the whole process altogether. Therefore, it is highly possible that adf.ly would not care if any of the scripts on this page were used because no money is being generated at all. In this case, only the account holder would be at a loss! But, to be honest unless you go around advertising the fact you are using such a program (which is high inadvisable), I don't see a way that anyone could even tell!

But yes, I do agree that adf.ly have been a bit slap dash with the Javascript thing, it is not is their best interest to do anything better though, as of what I have just said! The story behind a lot of services that could easily be a lot better...

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it can help me make some changes to the code

Sigh ... We have been clear about this.

One day to take the time to read the forum rules carefully.

@Others, could you please help us by simply report the post and not reply?



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