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A variable from outside


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Hello, Id be grateful for any help. I need a way to put a variable into my program from outside.

What I mean is that my program need 2 variables, f.e. "x" and "y" and then run the rest.

I dont want to make 100 different exe's with only 2 different variables but to put them somehow when loading the program.

The perfect solution whould be running it via "run" window simply putting "program.exe 'x=1 y=2'" like GET method in php.

Is there any possibility to do that?

P.S. I cant put them after the program is opened via gui windows or any other way, it has to be while the program is loading.

Thanks for any help and sorry for my english :mellow:

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'"program.exe 'x=1 y=2'" like GET method in php'

For this you want to search "Running Scripts" in help file, and more specifically $CmdLine.

Other ways are many, simplest in my opinion is using .ini files, IniRead() is also in the trusty helpfile.

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