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FireFox automation

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A web page is opened in firefox, and i can see it.

There are many options, web buttons and a text input field.

How do i Find the text field, paste text from clipboard and press a submit button?

just need the ideas how it all can work...

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Searched for FF.au3 and FireFox.au3 in Example script's titles but No results found.

Can you please give a direct link to the best FF UDF?


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Hello C2A,

I can't always get what I want from the searches, I think it only works with single words. All the info is there, you are searching the example forum, not general help?

There are a couple of things can cause problems getting going with FF.au3. I think FireFox 3.6 is the highest version that is compatible. Install Mozrepl, check it works with telnet, adjust socket number if necessary (my work PCs needed this, I've posted details of how to do this at least twice.)

Having done all that, it's very good and some websites are easy to automate. This code is the autologin script for my local library. The idents for the web-page items came from using FireBug. I've removed the lines that extract usern+pwd from encrypted location.

I find other things harder, maybe because I'm not a html/web-page expert.

Hope this helps,


#include <FF.au3>
$url = "https://viewpoint.westsussex.gov.uk/00_002_login.aspx"

_FFAu3Option("ComTrace", False)
If _FFStart("about:blank","",1) >= 1 Then

    $ans = "LibraryCard"
    $id = "ctl00_ContentPlaceCenterContent_login2_username"
    _FFSetValue($ans, $id, "id")

    $ans = "0000"
    $id = "ctl00_ContentPlaceCenterContent_login2_password"
    _FFSetValue($ans, $id, "id")
    ; Login
    ;_FFClick("ctl00_ContentPlaceCenterContent_login2_LoginButton", "id", 3, 1)


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