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ProcessExists() on a dialog

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I'm trying AutoIT for the first time and thrashing on a couple things. Im trying to drag n drop blocks of .mts video files from a folder (Source) into a conversion utility (Moyea Video Converter), crop and downscale the resolution, save the files as a single new file and repeat the process. To keep the single file below 2Gb Im splitting the files into sub-directories A1 A2 B1 B2. In perfect world, AutoIT could count total files, grab 25% of them(in order-numeric file names) and recursively process each, moving along to a new parent folder for another project.


1)When the Files are dragged I need scripting to wait for Video Converter to receive them before jumping to insert the new (single) file name. Ive used "Sleep" but it would be cool to know when its really ready.

2)When Converting - A progress dialog shows Status "Running" until it completes "OK" and a button changes from "Pause" to "Finished". It seems to use one process (Video Converter.exe) for the entire program so ProcessExists() wont work (Its less active but still running after conversion.


Downscale - After the files are in the converter - the parameters are inserted and the processing is initiated - it fails to recognise when process completes.

xxControlbased - Activating Directory Window, navigating to Source and sub directories. I tried using Control commands and retreated to mouse moves - notice the Window info cant grab the title (Source)

As you can see by the commenting, Ive tried quite a bit and any help getting me pointed right would really be appreciated.DownscaleFiles.htmlxxControlbased_Convert.au3post-66907-0-44049600-1314480203_thumb.jWindowInfo_ProcessingDialog.txtWindowInfo_FileNavigation.txt

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