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Copying files/directories in win7 with progress bar

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I`m new at this forum. Therefore I will pologize if there are many answers about this theme. But i have a problem.

I have made a script for copying a P2-card (videocard) from a cardreader to a server. And it works OK. But the students ask for a progress bar with time left of copying. And I tried to implement some new lines in the script from ;Define source and target (line 56).

Then I got the problem. For me, it seems that Win7 set the size of destination when xcopy start copying the last file. Therefor the script told me that the Copy was finnish when it starts copying the last clip.

Is there a way around it? A metode there will give me the right time and percents?

This is the script:


; Copying P" card to server



; Versjon 2.1

; HVO amf

; Autor: Reidulf Botn



#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

#include <Date.au3>

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

;Checking if the server is mapped.

If DriveMapGet("P:") <> ("\\media\P2\P2_H10\1TV_H10") Then


;MsgBox(0,"P2","Mapper server")



MsgBox(0,"Start","Sett inn kortet")

;Checking if there is a card in the reader

If FileExists("E:\LASTCLIP.TXT") Then

;Asking for input

$mappenavn = InputBox("Navn","Skriv inn navn på saken", ""," M")

If @error = 1 Then

MsgBox(0,"Cancel","Ikke bruk Cancel" & @LF & "Prøv på nytt")



$initial = InputBox("Initialer","Skriv inn initialene dine", ""," M")

If @error = 1 Then

MsgBox(0,"Cancel","Ikke bruk Cancel" & @LF & "Prøv på nytt")



;writing error at screen


MsgBox(0,"Feilmelding","Sett inn kortet skikkelig")


;making folders at server

DirCreate("P:\" & $mappenavn & $initial & _DateTimeFormat( _NowCalc(),2))

$dir = ("P:\" & $mappenavn & $initial & _DateTimeFormat( _NowCalc(),2))


;Define source and target

$source = "E:\"

$dest = $sdir

;size of source and target

$ssize = DirGetSize($source)

$dsize = DirGetSize($dest)

if $dsize < 0 then

$dsize = 0


;Staring prosess bar and set it to 0

ProgressOn("Kopierer filer ...", "", "0 %")

ProgressSet(0, "Kalkulerer kopieringstid...")


; Starting timer and XCOPY

$tbegin = TimerInit()

Run(@ComSpec & " /c xcopy /y /e " & $source & "*.* " & $dest, "", @SW_HIDE)

For $percent = 0 to 100

$copied = DirGetSize($dest) - $dsize ;estimating how much is copied

$percent = Round(($copied/$ssize),2) * 100 ; percent copied

$tdiff = TimerDiff($tbegin) ; time difference from start copying

$tmin = Round(((100/$percent) -1) * ($tdiff/60000)) ; resttime in minutes

$tsec = Round(((100/$percent) -1) * ($tdiff/1000)) ;resttime in seconds

;If remaining time is less than one minute, prosses bar will show the time in seconds

If $tsec < 60 Then

$tdisplay = " Cirka " & $tsec & " sekund igjen"


$tdisplay = " Cirka " & $tmin & " minutter igjen"


ProgressSet( $percent, "Prosent kopiert: " & $percent & " %" & @LF & $tdisplay)



ProgressSet(100, "Ferdig", "")




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i think that your looking for this if im not wrong (dono if itl work for win7, on xp i don`t have problems)



<--- click it

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